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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simply Smooth Xtend Magic Potion

I'm sure a lot of us have tried a Brazilian Blowout...or a keratin treatment! We all know you can do this at home as well! I have a favorite at home treatment I really like, but it is pretty time consuming! So needless to say I haven't done it for quite some time!

Keratin is a protein that covers the hair shaft and in turn staraightens curl or for us ladies with already straight hair uses it as a heat protector or for the health of our hair. It makes our hair soft and silky!

You can buy products for upkeep of your treatment or simply use keratin products without having to have the treatment simply to keep your hair in good shape! For instance one of which is "Simply Smooth" magic potion by Xtend. I have been using it on only my ends before I blow dry as my heat protector for around 2-3 weeks!  It really works nicely and my ends don't look so dry. It also gives my hair some shine that I love so much!! So give it a try!! Remember you will never find fabulous beauty products unless you experiment with them!! :)

You can find this product at select stores. One of which is www.drugstore.com

Note* I have received this product compliments of http://www.beautystat.com/site/ to use for two weeks and submit my review.   My review is and always will be my own objective opinion. :)


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