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Friday, May 13, 2011

TCA Peels

Trichloronic Acid Peel.....I like to do this peel in the convenience of my own home without paying $60+ for a treatment....and I'm loving it!!!  Chemical peels come in different strengths and different kinds and you can get them done at your local med spa. Your esthetician or nurse will go over your skin type and decide which strength and kind of peel is right for you.  The benefits of peels can be amazing, but you aren't going to see your problem areas disappear in just one treatment....so you need to be patient.  Yes it can get expensive, but it's worth it when you are 35+ so starting them at a younger age will be worth it as you grow older.  We want to grow old gracefully.....right?

Benefits of a peel are:  smoother skin,  reduction in fine lines, an increase in cellular turnover,  it  stimulates collagen production (to plump up those wrinkles), helps control acne, and it minimizes hyperpigmentation....for instance those dark colored scars you get from acne or those nasty sun spots.

Now with TCA peels there is some down time depending on the strength.  Your skin will be red and sensitive post peel.  Within a few days your skin may begin to peel like you have a sunburn.  That's good though...it's revealing new smoother skin.  Keep it moisturized at all times especially with sunscreen when you are outdoors.  Oh and don't bother putting on foundation...it falls right off and looks blah...so unfortunately your foundation won't look so good until your skin heals itself.  My skin usually takes about a week to fully recover.

Now remember ladies this is ACID so it can burn your face and permananently damage your skin if your not careful with it.  In other words if you have no experience with it, don't try this at home.  Visit your local  spa and have a qualified professional perform your peel!!!  On another note:  There are different peels so do your research.  Now you're on your way to beautiful skin.  ;D

TIP:  To give your skin that flawless glow (like you get peels on a regular basis), dig out that highlighter and strategically place it in the right areas of your face and voila!!!  Remember....it's the little things that make a difference and people will notice...I promise!!!

p.s.  Please let me know if you don't like the music...sometimes it can be disruptive while you are trying to read and I will remove it.


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  1. his usually lasts from a few days to two weeks. Repeated TCA peels are generally recommended to achieve the best results with touch ups on an as need basis.
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