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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Steps To Make Your Manicure Last!

Who wants to spend a good amount of time on your manicure for it to last an entire 3 days!!!  I sure don't, but I do use the products that definitely keep my manicure going strong.  I thought I would share my favorite nail products for just that:

  1.  Always push back your cuticles.  I like the stainless steel ones by Tweezerman.  You can use a cuticle dissolving cream if you want, but the stainless steel ones are great.

  2.  Trim your cuticles.  It just makes your manicure look cleaner.

  3.   Use a sugar scrub on your hands.  I am in love with Smart Spa/ Lemon Dream by QTica.  It makes your hands so soft and it smells amazing.  I don't know why they put Lemon in the name...it smells no where near a lemon!  I got mine on the Zoya website.

  4.  Buff your nails to smooth everything out.

5.  Then use a nail dehydrator.   Your nails have a lot more oil in them then you think.  That is one reason nail polish chips.  I use the ibd. nail dehydrator.

  6.  Ridge filler is an option.  I don't really need it, but I like the way it smooths out my nail polish.  Nail Tek Foundation III is perfect.  When it dries it almost looks and feels like a thin coat of Acrylic.

 7.  I always use a base coat over the Ridge filler.  The Ridge Filler says it is also a base coat, but I would put a true base coat over that.  Two of my faves are CND Sticky Base Coat and ORLY Bonder.  They both work great.

  8.  Then of course slap on a few coats of your favorite polish!

  9.  OMG...the best top coat ever is Seche Vite!!!  Why didn't they invent this stuff when I was younger.  I would always wake up with hatch marks in the morning from my pillow.  I also use it on my 4 y/o daughter.  She's always on the go and doesn't want to wait for her nails to dry.  I'm not kidding it's the best.  Another fantastic top coat is Diamond Dry, but definitely try Seche first.  Take this stuff in when you get your manicure done at the salon too.

 10.  Finally cuticle oil.  Put a drop on each nail when your finished.  There is a new one out by Nicole called Drying drops and it has oil in it so that's a plus.  Another great one we all know is Solar oil.  To help keep your nails healthy put a drop on your cuticles every night and rub it in!!!    TTYL  :)

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