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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Blush!!

So I'm sitting in the airport in NY because my husband likes to get here hours before hand!! Ugh!!! So here I am listening to an Italian family and their conversation...in English! I had to walk over and tell the young girl in her twenties how beautiful she was...just because!!  :)

Anyhoo this blush is fantastic!! I've heard of it, but never purchased it just because of the massive amount of blush I already own!! I broke down and bought a few colors a few weeks ago and so glad I did!! I do have to warn you though it really stinks!!!! :P

The blush is infused with clay from the Amazon River and claims to last 12 hours!! Women with dry skin can benefit from its hydrating and nourishing properties!! For those of you who have combination skin, it will target your dry areas and aid in restoring a more beautiful complexion!! I would say its wear time is pretty great! On me it lasts the 12 hours it claims to, but I do have to retouch at about 9 hours and that's if I'm switching my daytime look to an evening heavier look. I love blush!!!!!!

Alright time to board!! Gonna watch The Help and read my US weekly and hope the person I have to sit next to is halfway normal!! I've gotten stuck with some odd ones...that's for sure!! You beauties have a great afternoon!!

XoXo~ Amber!!

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