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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pearly Whites!!!

I'll bet there are lots of you ladies who thought about going to the dentist to whiten your teeth, but don't want to spend the money!!  Honestly it's worth going one time just to get those custom trays they will provide for you!!!  I promise it makes using whitening gels soooooo much easier.  It's less messy and more convenient!!  I despise Crest White Strips...they don't stay on, they make your teeth super sensitive and they send littler zingers up your teeth!!  OUCHIE!!!  Those found their new home in the garbage!!  

I found some over the counter whitening gels that work just as well and you don't have to fork out the cash for it!  I've been using the Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening gel for three years ($25).  They used to make a 2 week regimen, but I can't find it anymore!!  The only reason I liked the 2 weeker is because I can't sit around for two hours whitening my teeth.  I last for an hour and I do the second hour the next night.  Yes your teeth will be a little sensitive, but nothing compared to what I've heard some people complain about.  The 2 Hour formula will get you off and running.  

I like to use Plus White 5 minute Whitening Gel for touch-ups!  It's $10, you get a lot of it and it works.  The directions say you can use a Q-tip and swab it on your teeth, but that's a waste of time.  It won't work...so fill up your trays with it.  I have custom trays so I use a 1cc syringe to fill up the tray.  I place little dots of product in each tooth.  Next time you get a RX filled just ask the pharmacist to throw in a 1cc syringe.   We have tons of them because one of our kiddos had reflux when she was a baby!  Anyways I find it easy to pop in the trays while I shower.  I also leave it on for 15-20 mins.  The product only stays activated for a certain amount of time, but I feel it is still working by 5 mins so I keep it on.  Happy whitening and until next time...


  1. actually you can get 3 syringe pack of 38% carbamide peroxide Day white refills from a dentist that you only have to wear 15 mins and has ACP for around $40. That is enough whitening for 6 months. And it is professional strength. I had to do 20 veneers on a woman who thought she'd take the cheap way out and used some whitening she bought online. she over used it and her teeth started yellowing (because she was eroding off her enamel and exposing dentin) so she kept at it. before long she couldn't breathe in air without being in extreme pain and her teeth were ruined. you get what you pay for!

  2. I don't agree with you get what you pay for...I have been using these products for quite a while and my teeth are not harmed what so ever. So I wouldn't necessarily tell people you get what you pay for. There are plenty of otc meds, beauty products...you name it... that are just as good as the more expensive brands. Overall good story to share for those who go to extremes! :)