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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Foundation Primers!!!

Foundation primer is a must!  I know some of you hate the thought of adding more product to your face, but why use it?  Your foundation will look nicer, smoother, and stay on longer.  Most primers are silicone based so it fills in fine lines and decreases pore size making your skin's texture look nicer.  In turn this creates an even canvas for your foundation.  The silicone you see in products is called Dimethicone.  It is designed to sit on top of your skin rather than absorb therefore foundations will last longer.  In addition silicone based products will trap the moisutre in your skin.  That is why conditioners have cyclomethicone in them.  It traps the moisture to reduce frizziness.  :)  Some primers now have anti-aging ingredients in them to benefit your skin.  Gotta love that!!!

Primers go on after your moisturizer, but before your foundation.  There are so many different ones geared for different skin types and all of them have different consistencies.   So don't think all clear ones will feel the same on your face or all creamy ones are the same because they all are very different.  So that is important to remember when you are shopping for a primer...don't give up!!!

The primers that dry to a powder finish usually are geared for oily skin types.  These kinds also aid in reducing your skins shininess by absorbing excess oils.  Some that are used for a matte finish is Smashbox original primer.  That is probably one of Smashbox's best selling items.  They have 3 or 4 primers to choose from.  Another one is the Femme Couture mineral effects face primer found at Sally's (this one really dries to a powder finish so good for really oily skin).  There is also one by Palladio at Sally's as well.   Another nice one is Benefit's dr. feelgood.  Finally L'Oreal Studio Secret's Magic Perfecting Base.  I like to use that around my eyes to help fill in fine lines.  Kind of like spackle!!  ;D  All those are good for oily skin!

Primers that are not geared so much for oil absorbing, but still make your makeup look smooth and contain silicone are...Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer,  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind,  CoverGirl  and Olay simply ageless serum primer.  This primer has a lot of titatanium dioxide in it so it will really give you that dewy look.  I love it!!!  Laura Mercier has a really nice one as well!!  My favorite one is the her hydrating primer.  She has 3 of them to choose from to fit your skin's needs.   It was the first primer I ever owned.  Laura Mercier was also one of the few MUA's to introduce primer to the makeup world!!  

Did you know a good moisturizer can also act as your primer.  I like using a moisturizer with spf 15 .  My favorite is Garnier Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion.  I really like it because I DO NOT like the smell of lotions with spf unless I'm going to be out in the sun all day.  This one doesn't have that annoying odor like you should be laying out by the pool or the beach.  It has spf...so remember dewy!  Again there are so many and my list could go on, but it can get overwhelming so I'll stop here!  Unfortunately you will have to go through some trial and errors to find "your" perfect primer!  

I have normal to dry skin so my faves are Laura Mercier, CoverGirl/ Olay Serum, Revlon, and Garnier moisture lotion.

QUICK TIP:  Remember I keep talking about layering your makeup?  Layering keeps your products going strong and yes you can layer without looking caky!  Think thin layers!!!  I actually like the look of my foundation more as the day progresses!!!


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