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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bandaid Blister Block!

Yes we all know we will go through any amount of pain for the sake of fashion.  When you have a pair of shoes that rub you the wrong way....try Bandaid Blister Block.  It works best if you know where to apply it before you even slip on those beauties!!!  Throw it in your purse just in case you need to re-apply through out the day!!  It is like a mini deodorant stick.  It creates a layer between your skin and your shoe therefore reducing the friction where your shoe rubs on your skin.  In other words your skin glides across the shoe and doesn't rub.  I wore my Loubie's in Vegas and woke up with blisters all across my toes.  Ummmm...yeah I forgot about the Blister Block lying at the bottom of my purse....aka "the black hole"!!

XoXo~ Amber

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  1. My mom just bought this stuff and raves about it! Good to know, thanks Amber!!