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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Makeup Setting Spray!

Who sets their makeup?!  I do of course!!!  I'm talking about setting your beautiful made up face with a spray even after you set your foundation with translucent powder!!  I put a lot of layers on my face and my makeup will last forever, but I still use setting spray!  

Urban Decay Setting Spray
So the very very very last thing I do...after contouring, blush, highlighter everything...I set my whole face!  I'm in love with Urban Decay "Dew me"!  Great name right?!  Oh and UD's "All Nighter"!  It  claims to set your makeup for 16 hours.  Even if it doesn't give you the full 16 hours, at least it's giving your skin some of the moisture it needs!  When I first started using this I just sprayed it on my face.  Not impressed...it didn't spray on evenly.  Then I found another trick that works so much better!  Spray a duo fiber brush (you know the brushes you see with the white tips) and stipple it on your face.  Don't brush it on..stipple it...in other words bounce the brush across your face!!!  Love!!!  I think the "Dew Me" gives your skin a more dewy look...hence the name Dew me  ;D  I think the "all nighter" isn't as dewy.   So that is the differenece between the two. They also have one called "De Slick".  Obviously that's for you ladies with oily skin.

Quick tip:  Let's face it our makeup doesn't look as nice at 5 in the afternoon as it did when you walked out the door at 8 in the morning.  It might look caky or dry after a long day!  If you don't have time to redo your entire face before venturing out for the evening, try stippling some of this on to refresh your makeup, then add a little setting powder that has some color, then use the setting spray again!  Works like a charm!!  Until next time pretty girls...


  1. Thanks hun!!! This is exactly what I needed!:)


  2. Hi Amber! I have been wanting to try this.. was not sure if I should go for this one or MAC. Have you tried MAC?
    Regardless, great post!

    I have some new looks on my blog including my FIRST EVER Youtube video!! Ahh!! lol.. Talk later love. TC!
    Michelle (C-FABulous Makeup)


  3. I usually don't do this, but your blog is so good I had to leave you a comment. Wurk gurl!(snapping my fingers);-) I love your descriptions. I especially loved your clarisonic vs. olay post, that was great. I'm happy you did this because its definitely very helpful and useful. Thank you pretty girl!

    Ms. Eb