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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nail Polish Storage!!!

I really enjoy every beauty guru I follow.  They all have such great ideas and reviews so I want to share this particular one with you.  It definitely helped me out!  I had all my polishes thrown in a basket and there were so many colors I forgot about because I was too lazy to dig through my completely unorganized mess!  I found these snap on containers @ Target!  Now I can see all my fabulous colors!!! They are perfect for storing my polishes.  That's it...it's a simple post kind of day!    You beautiful ladies have a great day and  until next time....

btw~ I recently purchased a bunch of "soak off gel" polishes (Harmony's Gelish & CND's Shellac).  I did gels once upon a time, but the gel you have to file off.  I will do a review on these and let you know what I think!  Good or not so good.   :)

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