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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Remove your makeup!!!

Ick!!!  Take your makeup off!!!  It is so important to remove your makeup before you go to bed at night!!  What happens if you don't?  All those toxins that you've accumulated throughout the day are attacking your cells and breaking down the components that make your skin soft, subtle, smooth and wrinkle free!!  Obvisouly as we age there's no turning back the clock, but we can sure slow it down and ALWAYS washing your face is a good start!

FYI: store the wipes upside down to keep them moist!
I have gone through plenty of makeup removers and these are the ones I have settled on!  Neutrogena has some nice makeup remover wipes.  I think there are four different ones.  I really like the Night Calming and I use a wipe before I wash my face.  I don't like cleansing my face with makeup on.  I feel like I'm just rubbing the makeup into my face. Bleck!!!  So wipe off your makeup before you cleanse!

I also like Sonia Kashuk's liquid eye makeup remover.  When I get out of the shower,  I still have some eyeliner left on so I remove the rest of it along my lashline with a Q-tip!  It works really well and doesn't feel greasy!


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