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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lay It On Thick!!!

My son making his blog debut!
First off I have normal to dry skin so I love to lay it on thick before bed!!!  I love moisturizers and I use quite a few so I thought I'd give some of my night creams a mention.  Can I just say that La Mer is fantastic!  It's a bit pricy, but I can't live without it and neither can my husband.  I now have him addicted to my magic cream!  I have to slap his hand when he reaches for it because it's that expensive.  I keep telling him to take it easy on the stuff...jeesh!  He's a typical man and doesn't listen...he uses it all up anyways.  So before he was such a maniac with this stuff,  I had the smallest jar lasting me a year.  Not anymore!!! When you see the price don't cringe just use it after a great facial or a few days before you have something special planned....it will last forever.  The lady at Saks said some women just use it as an eye cream.  It would be great for that, but my husband and I slather it everywhere ;D  It even comes in lighter formulas for oily skin or for you ladies who live in humid climates.  I remember bringing my La Mer with me to Florida last summer and yuck!  I felt like a greaseball!  So if you live in a more humid climate get the gel formula.  I live in a dryer climate so I have the original cream.  Long story short this stuff is amazing!!! 

Never thought I would be photographing beauty products!
I actually got ready pretty early the other day and ventured out in the cold!  Brrrrr!  Walgreens here I come!  They always have the fun new stuff!!!  I saw that Revlon has a moisturizer called Eterna for $25.  I think it's been around for a while, but this is a new one for me. This bad  boy has 6oz's in it.  You barely need any because it is so emollient.  Kind of like the La Mer.  I venture to say it will last you 100 years or so.  Just kidding...but it will last a long time that's for sure!  I really like this stuff and you put it on like the La Mer.  Get a little on your fingertips, rub together, then pat the product onto your face and let it just soak in.  I woke up the next morning and my face was super soft.  I think this one's a keeper!!


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