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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eye Kajal!

If you've been looking for a super creamy pencil eyeliner, this is it!!!  Stila's eye Kajal can be easily smudged to give your eye that smoked out look.  This creamy pencil gained a lot of popularity in the beauty community when the movie "Wanted" came out.  Everyone loved Angelina Jolie's eye makeup...including me!!!  I guess you would describe it as a "smoked out messy cat eye" and that was it.  The rest of the eye was nude and very natural.   I was obsessed with this look for awhile.  I was also lovin' the Lauren Conrad and Megan Fox cat eye, but theirs was a little more precise and not messy, but fun to wear!!

When you apply the liner remember it doesn't have to go on perfect because you're going to smoke it out anyways.  You can  use any kind of eye brush(s) to do this with, the smaller the brush the better!!!  After you smudge it out, use a black eyeshadow to set it or it will bleed.  Always set creams with a powder...the product will last a whole lot longer for you!   Use any color on the brow bone and crease...remember light and natural so the eyeliner POPS!

Here's some fun facts about Kajal or Kohl eyeliner:  www.wikipedia.com/KajalKohl


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