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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stay The Day!!!

I know a lot of women complain that their eyeshadow doesn't stay on all day.  It's all about the eye primer and layering your eyeshadow.  I always even out the skin tone on my eyelid before I even put on the primer.  That way your eyeshadow will be true to color.  I like to use a concealer that turns to a powdery finish to even out tone.  Then I put on the primer.  Primer provides a base for the eyeshadow to stick to.  Finally I put on a neutral eyeshadow color from the lashline all the way to the browbone then go to town on my eyes!!  :D

"Mommy loves this"
1.  Now if you don't know about Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, you might be living under a rock.  They sell four of them.  The original which is translucent, Sin is a champagne color.  I love that one!  Eden a yellow based color.  That one is a concealer/primer in one.  There is also a new one called Greed at Sephora.com.  That ones a gold.  If you're new to this one I'd start with the original translucent one.  You can't go wrong!!!  Sephora has a starter kit with all of them to try for $29!!!  It even has Greed in it.  Haven't tried that one yet...let me know!!!  You ladies know to click the purple words right?  It will take you directly to the product!!  Saaahhrryy just sayin!  0_o

"See this ladies?!  This is Benefit!"
2.  Stay Don't Stray: By Benefit...  I ALWAYS use this one as my concealer for my eye before I prime it up!

3.  Too Faced Shadow Insurance!!!  That's a good one too!

4.  MAC has a few paint pots that can be used as primers.  Painterly and Soft Ocre...both are matte.  Painterly is pink based and Soft Ocre is yellow based...similar to the color of UD's Eden.

5.  Laura Mercier Eye Basics.   She has a few different colors to choose from.

Oh yes I almost forgot...if you get an UD, you know the one with the fancy top?  When you think it's all out of product don't throw it away.  Cut it open!  There is sooooo much product left that the wand can't reach!!  Have fun ladies and see you next time!!!  



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