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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby The Skin You're In!!!

Do you exfoliate?  If your skin can handle it...then DO IT!!!  It's good for your skin and it increases cell turnover.  I mean really...who wants those ugly wrinkles?  Who wants boring looking skin?  I sure don't!!!  I love at home peels and cleansers with microbeads in them!  My skin feels so nice and my makeup looks so soft and well blended afterwards.  Did you know that if you have a layer of dead skin on your face, your skin products are less effective?  When your skin looks dull and not so glamorous and glowing it's probably because you're NOT EXFOLIATING!!  Shame on you!  I will definitely tell my kiddos to start taking care of their skin early!!!  I waited until I was 30 years old...that's a big NO NO!!   When you turn 20 your skin stops producing the components to keep it "wrinkle free"!  So remember that when you are addicted to the tanning booth, hanging out in the sun all day, smoking, or even living it up on the slopes!!  Everything ages you no matter how little you do it so baby the skin you're in!   

Here are my favorite cleansers/scrubs that I use every day that I think benefit my skin.  Yes they all have little microbeads in them safe for daily cleansing.  Cleansers that feel gritty and have salicylic acid in them are a must for me!!!  If you don't have acne... yet you want something that will help smooth your face and prevent wrinkles, don't shy away from cleansers that have the salicylic acid in them.  It's good for your skin and again it will definitely help increase cellular turnover.   

FYI:  That's why lots of skincare products have antioxidants in them?!  It fights off the toxins that attack our cells that keep our skin looking pretty!!

1.  Olay Smooth Cream Scrub~  Very creamy and gentle.  I use this one all the time!!!

2.  Neurtogena~Acne Stress control...I started using this stuff a while back because I was getting milia on my forehead!!  The texture of my skin didn't look so nice.  I like this a lot...it really has prevented any worsening of the milia.  I also use the toner that comes with it every morning.  I have dry skin so that's all I use in the A.M. is the toner.  I don't cleanse...only at night do I cleanse.  My husband uses this cleanser every day!!!  He even mentioned I should tell you ladies about it!  Haha...isn't he cute?!

3.  Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging...This is a good one and a little stronger than the Olay Smooth Skin Cream Scrub.

4.  Neutrogena Deep Clean Relaxing Nightly Scrub...I admit I bought this one because it goes with my makeup remover wipes that I like so much.  The microbeads are a little larger...not so fine like the other ones.  This is a newbie, but I like it so far.  

I will give you a list of great at home peels next time...this post is getting too long.  I love at home peels!!!  You lovelies have a fantastic day and don't let the day stress you out...it ages you!!!!  Why do you think I use all this stuff!!!    ^_~

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  1. Agree with the list....and can't beat a good scrub from St. Ives! and Proactiv! Where would I be without them!!
    Love the blog!