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Sunday, January 23, 2011

At home peels or microdermabrasions!!!

I never pay for dermapeels or microdermabrasions at the spa anymore!!!  Who would when they have excellent over the counter peels!  I admit when I want to relax I pay for "someone else" to do it which is ALWAYS nice!  Your your makeup will look so pretty if you take the time to do peels at least 2x/wk!  I promise it's super fast!!  A lot of you beauties complain about wrinkles...what should I use to help prevent them!!  Then this should definitely be a part of your skincare routine!!!

@Sephora or Philosophy.com
I posted the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel a while back and I think it's worth another mention just in case someone missed it!  I was always seeing advertisements or write ups about it.  So of course I broke down and bought it and now I love it!!  It's a little expensive, but I recently found it's little sister!!!

Olay Regenerist!!!  It is almost identical to the Philosophy with the same steps.  The only difference is step #1 has a different consistency.  Olay is more liquidy than Philosophy's.  Is liquidy a word?  :P  In other words both are great and it makes it better when Olay is $40 cheaper!!  This peel is only $23!!  Sweet!!!!  I do have to admit I will continue to buy both!!

Dr. Peter Thomas Roth!  I get pumpkin Enzyme peels when I go to the spa...which seems like a rare occasion lately!!!  Booooo!!  So that is why I ended up buying the "yummy I want to eat this" peel!  It works wonderfully and you apply it like a mask.  A little easier and less messy, but it does have to set on your face for 10 mins and with the above peels you apply your two steps and rinse immediately.  :)

Neutrogena.  This is okay...I would say I love it if I didn't have my first two mentions, but I compare everything to those now.  Don't get me wrong it's still nice!  Promise!  :D

Good luck ladies and remember the key to pretty skin and makeup is where it starts!  Make your skincare routine priority!!!

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  1. Ooh, great info, thanks Amber! I'm definitely making a trip to Sephora this week:)