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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

e.l.f. cosmetics

I was told about e.l.f. cosmetics (eyes, lips, and face) about 2 years ago and refused to try it because it was sooooo darn cheap!!!   Their products range from $1-$6!  Yes I was a department store makeup snob...I still am, but nothing like I used to be!!  LoL!  I'm really liking their products!!  I tried them for the first time over christmas as they were shipping some of their palettes to the drugstores.  I even ventured into K-mart a few weeks ago to pick up their mix and match eyeshadows and palette.  K-Mart is the only place in my town that sells more than one item out of this line!!  Boooo!!!  I haven't been in K-Mart in years!!  Remember blue light specials?  Too funny...my mom used to drag me in that store when I was little!!

These shadows are so pigmented...I think it could pass as department store shadows...really!!  MAC also has these options, but their shadows are $14.50/ea.  and their palettes are $10-20 a piece.   Yes they have amazing eyeshadows, but we aren't talking about MAC!!   Mix and match palettes are fun especially for trips!!!  Who wants to bring five different palettes with you using one shadow out of each!!  I did that all the time and it got old!!  I paid $1 for each eyeshadow and $1 for the palette.  I know a lot of you ladies love the idea of makeup, but don't want to invest in it when it's not your obsession like it is mine...so I promise it's worth the $5 for a palette!  It's fun to design your own color palette anways right?  The one thing I don't like is their mix and match color options  are very limited!!  Are you listening e.l.f. you need more color options!!

I paid a visit to http://www.eyeslipsface.com/makeup a while back and received my order yesterday.  I will do some reviews on what I ordered in some posts to come.  I love the conditioning lip balms and cream blush!!!  I really like the studio line!  I loved them so much I got on a few minutes ago and ordered more plus some.  I do have to say there was a problem with a few of the products because it was defective.  I felt guilty complaining since their products are so cheap yet fantastic!  I called and they happily refunded my card.  Awesome customer service e.l.f!!! You beauties have a fabulous day and until next time....

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  1. that is what i liked about mary kay...they have a palette that hold 18 eyeshadows or you can mix and match eyes, cheeks and pressed powder plus it was magnetic....now that i have tried others i do not think it lasts very long unless i use a good primer or cream base...now that i have started order all these single eyeshadows it will not be as portable.