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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obagi C Clarifying Serum

It's Sunday lazy day for me and the fam' so I'll just do a little blogging!! After making a trip to my local dermatologist's for some "work your magic and make me look younger trip," I decided to follow a friends advice and try her recommendation on the Obagi! As I was browsing through all their products, I thought hmmmm which one is she freaking talking about?! Thank goodness someone was listening to my conversation and she said, are you Amber...this is what she uses and her skin is amazing right now! The word amazing is always a seller in my book! Of course I bought it and I love it!

The Obagi C Clarifying Serum is totally worth it. I noticed a change in my skin in just one week!! Think of it as mini chemical peels! I was using it a.m. and p.m. for a bit, but I had to stop and only do either or. It helps really helps with sun spots and just evens out your skin tone. I love a flawless highlighted face...it's just pretty!

Quick story so be careful! My husband and I have been cheating and tanning a bit before spring/summer begins. :/ He was showering and said it seems weird my face seems to be getting more color and burning a bit! It doesn't usually do that!! Of course being one that takes of my skin, I cringed and said, it's the Obagi...your face is very sensitive! You should always use sunblock on your face when and if you tan. My face is ALWAYS at least one or two shades lighter than my body because I use sunscreen in my facial moisturizer! Always do that your future self will thank you!! I use a facial self tanner to even it all out and you can't even tell...except my husband refuses to use self tanners! Hmmmmm!!

XoXo~ Amber

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