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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner

Has anyone ever tried gel eyeliner? It's definitely one of my favorites! Laura Geller is releasing her new gel eyeliner called "inkwell". I have been using this one for about a week. It comes in a package of two black and plum purple for $33. That's a good price when most department store gels are $30 for one! What's great is it has a brush that pops out of the handle!! Use it by itself or pop it into the top for a longer handle. It's the perfect brush for precision that you need for gels!

This creamy liner doesn't dry very fast so it is great to smudge and create a halo effect!! Great for a winged look as well!! Overall I like "inkwell" and will continue to use it. :)


For more information on Laura Geller products please visit http://www.laurageller.com/

Note* I have received this product compliments of http://www.beautystat.com/site/  to use for two weeks and submit my review. My review is and always will be my own objective opinion. :)

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