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Monday, May 9, 2011

Goody Spin Pins

If you ever see me out and my hair is in a bun...high, low, messy whatever.... that's my lazy hair day and I didn't want to put forth the effort of doing it that day.   Using a bunch of bobby pins can be a pain, but these nifty little spin pins by Goody are simply amazing.  Did I say they are amazing?!  I love how Kim K. and Kourtney do their buns and after I saw Black Swan...I was lovin' the ballerina bun!!  They are so easy to use and I love them.  You literally spin or twist them into your do.  It's that simple and it keeps your hair secure and in place.  To keep your bun even more secure, put it in a ponytail first, then use the pins. Keep them in your desk at work, in your purse, in your car or where ever is convenient!!  Next time you're at Target pick some up.  They come in a lighter color too for you blondies out there!

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