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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soak-Off Gel Nails

Ok...I think we all might be addicted to these soak off gel nails!!  I love them...it sure beats the gels I got before my son was born.  These gels had to be filed down.  It completly ruined my nails, they were always chipping, and my life with three kids became too busy to just stop by and get them done.  I knew that was going to be it when I was in labor getting a nail fixed.  Really Amber...yep, but that's me all the way!!

Anyhoo so I stopped getting them and about 3 years later I have a new addiction.  These soak off gels are amazing.  The gel is cured under a uv light so there is no dry time,  it's a mirror finish,  it can last up to two weeks with no chipping...sometimes longer, it's easy removal with pure acetone that only takes 10 minutes, and most importantly it won't ruin your nails!!!  It's that simple!!

I do have to say I have heard a select few people complain about Shellac nails.  That they chip and peel really fast.  I asked how their nail tech did it.  I don't think they were done correctly or the tech skipped a prep step.  Definitely buff the nail a bit to rough it up, always push back and cut the cuticles.  If the gel is painted over the cuticle, once your nails start growing out, the gel will start to pull up and peel away.  I will also use a nail dehydrator to get out as much oils as I can so it will help prevent peeling or chipping.  I rarely have a problem with peeling or chipping.   Another fantastic soak off gel is Harmony's Gelish.  The Gelish does take a little longer to remove, but I do think it lasts a little longer than Shellac and you get 2x the amount of polish for the same price.  Gelish also comes in more colors than Shellac, but I do love both brands!!!  So if you've had a soak-off gel manicure and didn't like it...give it one more chance.  Kindly suggest to your nail tech to prep your nails in a different fashion so it might last longer for you ~or~ try a different brand soak-off gel like Gelish.  :)  Happy Shellacing!!!


  1. I've worn traditional gel nails for the last 12 years straight and I keep hearing about Shellac nails. I'd like to try them but I'm not sure about their availability where I am. Thanks for the info on these, I've wondered about them for a long time!

  2. I get this done all the time! I love GELISH! it lasts 2 - 3 weeks depending on how little I fuss with it, but i clean , workout outdoors, etc and they LAST! i bought the Harmony brand soaking liquid which is way more gentle that acetone and leaves my hands and cuticles soft rather than dry :)