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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Olay's Resurfacing Elixer!

I am loving a lot of the Olay products right now and I have to say Olay's Regenerist Night Time Resurfacing Elixer has become of of my favorites.  It really does smooth out my skin.  It acts as a light, gentle exfoliater and in one's weeks use is compariable to a light glycolic peel that you would get at a spa.  This elixer will replace your regular night time moisturizer.  The key ingredients are glycolic acid, glycerin (a byproduct of soap that acts as a moisturizer by absorbing moisture from the air) and panthenal.  A deep penetrating moisturizer which is absorbed into the skin and converted to panothenic acid, a B complex vitamin.  It's never too late to have super smooth skin!!!!  Toodles for now....

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  1. I am so into glycolic acid lately. I'll definitely have to check this out when my current AHA is gone. Thanks I always love your suggestions!