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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Shade of Spring!

Hello my lovelies!!!  It is 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night and little ol' me is still wide awake!  My poor husband was up all night Monday saving a life so he's out to the world!!  Not even a bulldozer is gettin' him up!  My little angel is sleeping right next to me and left me to watch the Bernstein Bears!  She's my little "shuuga pops"!  Don't ask where I got that nickname for her...I have no idea, but she likes it!

Anyhoo...I decided to whip out some polish and go to town.  I got the new purple polishes Lancome put out for the spring.  Violet Groove and Le 54!  Purple is suppose to be one of the great nail colors of the season!  I wanted to blog about these ever so "gorge" color combos before they sell out.  Ok can I just say they two colors look "amaze" together!!  That's Kim Kardashian's word for amazing...just in case some of you don't know what the heck that meant!  Violet groove is a matte purple and Le 54 is a fine blue glitter in a sheer purple.  Use Violoet Groove, paint Le 54 over top, then your favorite shiny top coat!!   I really like these colors together, but what I'm loving is from a short distance your nails look almost mirror like!!!   Unfortunately, the picture doesn't pick up all the crazy shine, but the blue glitter makes them look out of control shiny!!  It's so pretty!! ♥♥Love♥Love♥Love♥♥!!!  You beauty queens have an excellent day and until next time...

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