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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drugstore foundations can still make you beautiful!!!

I think women get sucked into thinking $70 foundation is the best!  I admit I was one of those!!  Ugghh!!  What a lie!!  If you like to change up your foundation routine because you just like to or you are trying to find the perfect foundation that makes your skin look flawless!  I always think of the beautiful women who grace the cover of my favorite magazines!   I think to myself...her skin looks great what is she wearing?  That is what goes through my head anyways...in addition to some great airbrushing!  ;D

These are a few of my favorite drugstore foundations!!  I love the look of moist dewy skin...I think it looks gorgeous.  If you are one that has oily skin, I don't suggest this as it can make you look too dewey (oily).  What gives foundation that moist look?  It's the titanium dioxide.  That is also what gives a product its sun protection factor.  I wear foundations with spf 6 to spf 20...no more than that.  I think any more than that is too much.  A product with spf 6 isn't going to give you the protection your skin really needs, but I know it will give me a slight dewy look that I love so much!!


Revlon color stay with spf 6:  For combination/ oily skin...hence the lower spf so your skin won't look so dewy. They have one for combination/ oily skin with spf 15 as well.  I would use this, but they don't have one that matches my skin tone!  :P

Revlon PhotoReady with spf 20:  My very first drugstore fave!  Comparable to Make Up For Ever HD

Neutrogena Healthy Skin with spf 20:  This has a blend of antioxidants in it.  Good for your skin!  :)


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  1. Hi Amber, I found you on Tiffany D's blog, I have been looking for a good (affordable)foundation, I like to work out and hope it's still on afterwards...Do you think the Revlon photoready would pass the test?