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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big News!!!

When I was seventeen a beautician...that is what I referred to them back then (new term: hair stylist...haha!)...once told me to use epsom salt on my hair.  She claimed it would strip your hair and remove the buildup!!  I thought she was crazy, but it really worked!  So my Sunday night beauty ritual was doing just that!  I would microwave some water, add some salt, pour it over my hair, wait ten minutes and rinse.  Ahhhhh...my hair seemed to style so much nicer, but it seemed like such a pain!!  :P

I stumbled upon a LUSH store in Chicago a few years back and discovered BIG shampoo.  It had the salt mixed in the shampoo!  How fantastic!!  Now why didn't I think of that then!!  Duhhhh right?!  I have to say I'm obsessed with its scent!!  I have to smell it whenever I shower!!  I know weird, but that's me!  ;D

Use this twice a week and your hair will thank you, but don't get carried away with it because if you are one that colors your hair, it can strip your color.  Just like any clarifying shampoo will.  This is the only one I will use anymore!!  So Next time you are in a LUSH...grab one!!!!!




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