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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viviscal Hair supplements

I was given an opportunity to try out viviscal hair supplements! It's 100% natural...go green!! My diet isn't perfect so I don't necessarily get the nutrition I need for healthier hair! I also know a lot of you ladies complain that your hair grows to a certain length and seems to stop!! Boooooo!! This supplement has Amino C Marine Complex in it which provides the essential proteins to prevent hair loss and promote growth! My hair falls out by the clump so I'll most likely keep up on these! It also has horsetail extract and vitamin c. It nourishes the hair in four stages. I'll put a link at the bottom of the page so you can read up on the vitamin. I have been taking it for two weeks so it isn't necessarily showing it's full effects, but I have high hopes for this and will blog about it again in four months!!  Remember ladies it is important to keep up on your favorite beauty products.  It will show its effects in the future...especially when we want it to.  Viviscal is getting good press so that's a plus. We might be hearing more about this power hair vitamin in the upcoming months!!  YaY!!!!

For more information please visit www.viviscal.com and take advantage of the friends and family discount and enter code: STAT to get $10 off $50 or more until October 31st!

Note* I received this product compliments of www.beautystat.com and my review is and always will be my own objective opinion. :)


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  1. Hi Amber,
    I remember reading this post when you started and was wondering how you were getting on with Viviscal. I heard a lot about it but would love to hear your experience!