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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Philosophy :)))))

If you're like me, your skin has a hard time with RX Retinoids and even some of the over-the-counter ones.  Philosophy has the Miracle Worker line and one of the products is their Retinoid pads.  They call it their HPR. High Performance Retinoid.  It says it is less irritating and that it is.  A reason I love it so much!!!   It comes with the Retinoid that you pour over the pads when you get it and it comes with 60 pads.  I use a pad every night before I put on my evening beauty products.   This is my fourth purchase of it so I'd say I've been using this for at least 6 months.  I haven't noticed a huge difference in my existing wrinkles, but it definitley makes my face smoother and in the long run I know it's doing wonders for my skin by preventing or slowing down the process of further wrinkles.  My forties are fast approaching and I REFUSE to look it!!  ;D

Another product that I think is worth a mention is part of the Miracle worker regimen and it's the "miraculous anti-aging moisturizer"  What's great is it's good and not crazy expensive.  I would call this more of a night time moisturizer.

Have you ladies tried their shower gel, bubble bath, shampoo combos?  Those are great!!!  I use Amazing Grace and Fields of Flowers on my kiddos.  It is so gentle and my favorite for the hair.  Oh and don't forget my blog post on peels.  They have a fantastic one!  Until next time lovely ladies....

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